Blue Tango


Acrylic On Canvas

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Painted in 2008 at Geo Hizny’s studio at Merrymet Kennett Square, PA

My recent work reflects a very conscious effort to explore new approaches to style, concepts, techniques, and personal expression. After 40 odd years of experience, I continue to pursue the freedom to explore new visual opportunities without the attendant of fear of losing my identity as a painter with a “comfortable” visual vocabulary. I now find myself exploring a much broader spectrum of creative possibilities that inspire the paintings I have submitted.

I paint on the floor which has given me a keen sensitivity to the canvas. I initially apply rapid and spontaneous brush strokes of thick translucent paint that reveals the texture of the brush and canvas itself. This brushworks keeps me in constant touch with the canvas. Working from all sides and sometimes within the canvas itself, the identity or personality of the painting begins to emerge. Superimposing spontaneous fluid paint over the brushwork along with the use of sticks dipped in fluid paint and transferred to the canvas in gestural movements, a certain choreography begins to reveal itself. This process continues over an undetermined period of time. It is only upon periodical placement of the canvas in an upright position that I fully understand the emerging composition.